Thank you!

Illustration: Natalie Claire Schöbitz

Our first piece of news is that we’re online because we had lots of help. We’d like to thank all our friends, family and colleagues who helped fund Broken Toilets, edit stories, took photos, gave us expert advice on just about everything, put us in touch with their friends, let us work from their homes and offices, made illustrations, sent encouraging notes, etc., etc.! As a small non-profit entity, this support has been vital to getting this magazine off the ground.

So thank you John Madsen (our principal investor and biggest champion), Abhishek Krishnan, Alex Barth, Bhushanraj, Cyrus Patell, Eliza Higgins, Hilary Linder, Hollis Coats, Jim Madsen, Jerry Randall, Junaid Bhura, Lars Schoebitz, Linda Strande, Mariam Missaghi Cline, Moritz Gold, Natalie Thomson Schoebitz, Nisha Thompson, Rachel Madsen, Rachel Meyer, Radha Karnad, Radhika Vishwanathan, Roxanne Daruwalla, Sabine De Schutter, Sahngmie Lah Graven, Samanth Subramanian, Shiv Ramachandran, Siri Bulusu, Sue Madsen, Suhas Entur, Tejas Pande, Thejesh GN, Vidya Varma, Vikramaditya Varma, S. Vishwanath.

Also, a huge thank you goes to our first contributors! Thank you Peter DiCampo, Chhavi Sachdev, Avinash Krishnamurthy, Karen Dias, Rémi Kaupp, and Nicola Greene!