Broken Toilets is a nonprofit magazine dedicated to publishing critical, objective, and sensitive perspectives on complex global issues related to development and aid.

Maintaining a free-subscription platform is a key priority for us. We want to ensure that stories revealing the reality of global development (both good and bad) are available to all. That means free access.

Another priority for us is to pay the hardworking freelance journalists who write for us a fair and competitive rate. We want to feature talented and committed writers who understand the sensitivity of the issues they are writing about and know how to make the issues compelling for readers outside of the development field. A network of these journalists around the world will help Broken Toilets realize its goal of becoming an important and reliable source for development media.

Partner. Support. Share.

Our commitment to independent reporting means that we rely heavily and gratefully on the support of our partners, readers, and friends to keep us going. We welcome working with anyone who shares this value and will help work towards our mission of critically examining development and aid. We’re open to many forms of collaboration, and we’d love to partner with you on a series of stories or on film, multimedia or data-driven journalistic projects. Write directly to the editors to get in touch about working together.

Also, we’re consciously aiming to increase our contributors from around the world, particularly in places that are underreported in mainstream international news. The same goes for budding development journalists. Contact us with a Pitch related to one of our Calls or with your own idea for a theme or story.

Of course, we are always thankful for donations of any size and at any time. Contact us for information on different sponsorships levels and subscribe to stay updated.

Finally, we will never stop being thrilled by you spreading the word about Broken Toilets via social media, through your networks or by sharing our stories.